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19th & Early 20th Century Photography

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Edward S. Curtis

Pacific Northwest Photographers

Environmental & Conservation Photography

My Story


I'm a writer, researcher, and photographer in Seattle, Washington, USA. Currently, I spend most of my time engaged in research about late 19th and early 20th century photographers in our country's Pacific Northwest.

Whether I'm writing or creating photographs, I find that much of my work deals with transitions. I look at transitions in life, in people, places, objects, society; our world is filled with transitions at every scale and timeline. Some of my images are responses to my own transitions, especially my aging. As I’ve grown older, I’ve learned to slow down and study the things around me as unique emblems of the moment in which I see them.

One of my mentors, Minor White, said to photograph things for what they are but also for what else they are. I think of that often when looking at objects like an abandoned sofa or a dying plant. These are things that are in transition, yet they are also in a state of grace―they will never be more or less compelling than the moment at which I photograph them. Is their past better than their future or their future better than their past? Or is the present all that matters?

It's the uncertainty that fascinates me.

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