January 17, 2017

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Open Your Eyes: Women in Photography at Bainbridge Island Museum of Art

September 6, 2017

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Top 25 Independent Photography Centers in the U.S.

October 7, 2016

Each year I publish a list of the largest independent, nonprofit photography centers in the U.S., ranked according to their self-reported total annual revenues. Here's the current list, based upon 2014 data.

  1. International Center of Photography (New York, NY) – $14,801,154

  2. George Eastman House (Rochester, NY) – $8,512,704

  3. Aperture Foundation (New York, NY) – $6,232,729

  4. Museum of Photographic Arts (San Diego, CA) –  $2,669,062

  5. Palm Beach Photographic Centre (West Palm Beach, FL) – $1,155,355

  6. Houston Center for Photography (Houston, TX) – $1,076,690

  7. Photo Center Northwest (Seattle, WA) – $967,408

  8. Philadelphia Photo Arts Center (Philadelphia, PA) – $590,164

  9. Visual Studies Workshop (Rochester, NY) – $494,777

  10. Los Angeles Center of Photography (Los Angeles, CA) - $485,913

  11. Newspace Center for Photography (Portland, OR) – $476,327

  12. Center for Photography at Woodstock (Woodstock, NY) – $462,877

  13. Light Work (Syracuse, NY) – $416,700

  14. San Francisco Camerawork (San Francisco, CA) – $339,387

  15. Baxter Street at the Camera Club of New York (New York, NY) – $318,766

  16. Center for Fine Art Photography (Ft Collins, CO) – $289,857

  17. Griffin Museum of Photography (Winchester, MA) – $289,292

  18. Silver Eye Center for Photography (Pittsburgh, PA) – $284,078

  19. Center (Santa Fe, NM) – $265,395

  20. Blue Sky Gallery/Oregon Center for Photographic Arts (Portland, OR) – $200,883

  21. International Photography Hall of Fame and Museum (St Louis, MO) – $196,479

  22. Light Factory (Charlotte, NC) – $191,842

  23. Center for Photographic Art (Carmel, CA) – $178,879

  24. Chicago Photography Center (Chicago, IL) – $172,817

  25. Florida Museum of Photographic Arts (Tampa, FL) – $162,205


The caveats for this list are: 

  • These are completely independent organizations that provide educational and community services such as classes, an exhibition space, library or outreach services. There are other large organizations that are not independent, like the Center for Creative Photography, or that are focused on promoting the work of a specific photographer, like the Robert Maplethorpe Foundation. I did not include those types of organizations in this list.

  • The revenue amounts are for fiscal year 2014. As of October 2016, that's the most recent year in which the 990 tax forms are readily available online for all of these organizations.

  • Some organizations report their financial information based on a calendar year, and some report on a July-to-June fiscal year. For this list I've chosen the ending date of the reporting period as the fiscal year.

I use GuideStar to review the 990s and compile this information. If you find any errors or organizations I've inadvertently left off of the list, please let me know.


I'll update this list annually as new tax returns are available online. 


Tim Greyhavens

October, 2016

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