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What is it?

  • The Photo Funds Database is a list of grants, awards, fellowships, crowdfunding or other monetary or in-kind support given primarily for photography-related projects, including support for individual photographers, photography organizations, museum and gallery exhibitions, community projects about and displays of photography, photographic residencies, books, and scholarly research about photography. I have excluded most funding that was given for visual arts projects in which photography was only one of several aspects of the work.​


What's in it?

  • This is an extensive from January 1, 2012 through the current month, but I don't claim that it's comprehensive. Due to a lack of global standards for reporting grants and awards, there are just too many challenges to finding and reporting every single one. I'll do my best to add new funding as I become aware of it, and if you know of something that's missing please let me know. Right now I'm aware that no grants from the National Geographic Society are listed; they have chosen to not make information about their individual grants available.

  • All of the data here comes from funder websites, from publicly available documents such as IRS 990 forms, from news releases and articles, and from information reported to me by various funders. My goal is to be as accurate as possible, but since this is solely my work it's possible I've made a few errors. I will correct any errors as soon as I'm notified about them.

  • In the U.S. the government requires a reasonably good level of reporting from private and public charities, so for now this is a heavily U.S.-centric list. Even so, some foundations are far better than others when it comes to providing details about their grants.

  • All amounts are listed in U.S. dollars. Foreign currencies have been converted to U.S. dollar amounts based upon the date of the award. Current conversion rates may not apply for amounts awarded in the past.

What's not in it?

  • I've recently raised the minimum amount to $1,500 for inclusion in the database. Foundation funding under that amount is often awarded on a discretionary basis, and there are so many crowdfunding campaigns under that amount  that it would take far too much of my time to track them. 

  • If the amount field is blank for a particular grant, it's because that information is not publicly available. For some reason the Magnum Foundation, which is one of the few granting organizations run by photographers for photographers, lists their grants to individuals but not the grant amounts. They have declined my requests for a list of the grant amounts.​

What should I know about using the database?

  • First, do not assume that every funding source you find here may be available to you. Some of the funding listed here is awarded at the discretion of the funder, and there may not be an open application process. Once you find a potential funding source, it's very important for you to do additional research on that funder's current interests and application process.

  • Secondly, this is a true listing of funding as publicly reported, but like the stock market past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. You may find that a funder gave a grant or award in the past for a certain type of project, but it doesn't mean they'll always fund work on that type of project. This database is most helpful as a reference guide to indicate where you should start looking for funding.


How is the database organized?

  • The database consists of two related tables - Recipients lists the individual funding records and Funders lists brief contact information for the funding sources listed in the first table. You may switch between the two tables by clicking/tapping on the tabs at the top of the database window. 

  • The Recipients table contains six fields: Year (when the funds were given), Recipient, Funder, Amount (in U.S. dollars), For (what the funding was for) and Individual (a checkbox that indicates if the funding went to an individual and not an organization). Funds that were awarded in currencies other than U.S. dollars have been converted to U.S. dollars based upon the currency conversion rate at the approximate time the award was presented. 

  • The default order for Recipients is by year (descending chronological), then by first name of the recipient (alphabetical).  The earliest year in the database is 2012. You can sort, filter and search all of the information in the database as you like. Click on the clearly labeled icons at the top to rearrange the data as you wish. 

  • The names of individual photographers are preceded by the word "Photographer", so all funds given to individual photographers are grouped together. For photographers who are seeking support, this makes it easier to find funders for individual projects. Note that some funding was awarded to individuals for scholarly research rather than the creation of new images; in such cases, the names are preceded by the word "Scholar" instead of "Photographer". All funds given to individuals have a checkmark in the Individual field. You may filter for these records using the built-in filter tool.


How often do you update the database?

  • I try to add new records at least once a week, but I don't have a regular schedule. This is my project as an individual, so I alone do all of the research, verification, and data entry. You can check when the most recent data was added by looking at the Last Update field in the upper right corner.

Feel free to use this data any way that is helpful to you. If you're doing a lot of research, I recommend downloading the entire dataset for use in a spreadsheet (click on the More icon at the top of the window). 

If you have suggestions about ways to improve the organization of the database or if you know of grants or awards that are not included in the database, please let me know. I welcome all suggestions.

Tim Greyhavens

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